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Ode to Vinyl (and Stevie Wonder)

under the gum tree
Fall 2021

DIY What Matters
3rd Act Magazine
 Fall 2020


Our World is Whole

Written by Gail Bush

Illustrated by Jennie Poh

Published by Sleeping Bear Press

Released May 15, 2020

  'Jane Addams' by Gwendolyn Brooks
 Chicago Literary Hall of Fame
 1001 Donors Contributor
 July 2020

Title IX in the Fieldhouse
The Sport Digest:
United States Sports Academy
July 13, 2020

Salvador and Albert Walk into a Bar
The Sisyphus Literary Magazine:
The Indivisible Issue
June 19, 2020


Rereading in the Time of the Pandemic: The Story of a Favorite Book
Ask any librarian and they would say that the Favorite-Book-Of-All-Time question is an eternal occupational hazard.
The Mantle: Smart Content for the Global Citizen
April 29, 2020

Confessions of a Book Club Dropout
The Bookends Review
March 9, 2022
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